An updated review of EXANTE broker (2023)

Conducting thorough research on a broker before opening an account is a great way to ensure that your funds will be kept safe with a regulated organisation, and that you are making an informed decision that suits your trading journey. In this article, we aim to deliver an updated EXANTE review.

Based on our research, EXANTE is well-regarded in the European and Asian trading scenes, and it is quickly growing into an industry leader, with over $2 billion in AUM.Headquartered in Malta, the broker has offices in London, Hong Kong, and Cyprus, and it caters to a global clientele. EXANTE is regulated by the MFSA, the FCA, the SFC, and the CySEC, and it is compliant with MiFID-II and GDPR in the European Union. In the rest of this review, we will look at their product offering, technological innovations, funding options, and commissions and rates.

Products offered

EXANTE offers an impressive range of over 600,000 financial instruments. Our first impression was that this was a broker that lived up to their pledge of providing direct market access to global markets, and it demonstrates the broker’s commitment to customer satisfaction. EXANTE offers access to over 50 markets, including the NYSE, the LSE, and the HKEX. The asset classes offered include forex, bonds, options, futures, stocks and ETFs, and metals.

Technology and trading platform

One of the core tenets of EXANTE is that information should be transparent, and brokers should provide an accessible way for traders to participate in the financial markets regardless of their location. The broker lives up to their values by offering a bespoke trading solution that seeks to manage trade execution with ultra-low latency for minimal slippage. This is achieved by their strong network of over 1,100 servers on their platform, as well as partnering with trusted banks as counterparties, such as HSBC, Bank of China, Santander, and ING.

Bespoke trading platform

EXANTE’s trading platform was developed in-house and, in our opinion, lives up to the expectations of the innovation that the broker so vocally advocates for. The platform offers a comprehensive trading experience with a full list of features. Modules include account balance, trade activity, real-time market data, position overview, current orders and historic order overview, click-trade, account fund transfer, and transaction history overview. The platform also offers a unique bond screener tool for bond investors to find and filter out bonds of their choosing.

On top of this, EXANTE offers an HTTP API solution for more advanced traders to make the most of their trading. For those who are so inclined, they can build and set up feature-rich apps to send market alerts and raw data to their phones, and they can set up procedures and protocols to smoothen their trading experience.

Funding options

EXANTE traders can fund their live accounts through bank transfer in the following currencies: EUR, USD, or GBP. The broker charges a 30 EUR withdrawal fee for those who wish to withdraw their funds, after they submit a request. There is also an inactivity fee of 50 EUR will be deducted monthly for individual live account holders that have not been active in the past six months. This means not having placed a trade in the past six months, not having any open positions, and having an account balance under 5,000 EUR. There is an exception – if the trader is an authorised trader or agent that is operating on behalf of someone else.

Commissions and rates

EXANTE charges a small commission for trade execution, and the actual fee varies depending on the instrument that is being traded, the size of the trade, and the account that is doing the trading. There is the option to check commission fees in trader’s Client’s Area for the most accurate amount.

Overnight rates

Traders with EXANTE are also subject to overnight rates, which is a standard for many brokers. EXANTE charges a reasonable overnight fee on FX instruments and short positions on all instruments. The actual fee depends on market conditions, and, again, clients of the broker will find it more helpful to find the updated amount in their Client’s Area. For those who are eager to hold their positions overnight over the weekend, you should be aware that the broker charges a triple fee for positions that are open from Wednesday to Thursday night. There are also various fees for cryptocurrency funds safekeeping, and cryptocurrency trading upon entering and exiting markets. All other instruments taking a long position are not subject to overnight fees.

Short position fees

EXANTE allows traders to take short positions on liquid stocks through trading with predefined limits or going through the daily locate procedure that is managed by the broker. The limits and fees depend on the stock that is being shorted, the client’s trading strategy, and the market conditions of the stock exchange. However, EXANTE does state that there is a 12% default rate for easy-to-borrow stocks for clients that want to borrow securities to sell on the market. Nevertheless, it is subject to change based on market conditions. Traders who are interested in short selling is encouraged by the broker to contact their support team at [email protected]for an accurate quote and assessment of availability.


Concluding this EXANTE broker review, we found that the broker provides an excellent trading environment from their commitment to innovation, diversity, and customer satisfaction. The broker has a high level of flexibility in terms of trading platform customisation, and the huge range of financial instruments available for trading is a key advantage for those looking to build diverse portfolios.

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