A bitcoin wallet is needed to store bitcoins when you purchase them. A hardware wallet saves your private key on a hardware device so that you can access it when you need your bitcoins. Alternatively, private keys can be stored in a software program. If you use a web wallet, you can either use the web interface or download the application as you would when using a mobile wallet.

Web wallets: what are they?

Web wallets are online software programs controlled by a third party where the security key is stored. There are two types of bitcoin web wallets: open-source and closed-source.

The Open Source Bitcoin wallet is a program that allows everyone to view and modify bitcoin transactions and source code. The public can therefore explore how the blockchain connects to the flagship blockchain, how transactions are processed, and how bitcoin network accounts are created.

Open-source software is preferred since any software can be checked for spyware, backdoors, or other malicious features.

Closed-source bitcoin web wallets, however, don’t allow access to the source code; therefore, only third parties or security vendors have access. The public is not familiar with this software.

Without open source, progress is plodding, since cryptocurrency is difficult to grasp for an average software programmer. Open source has greatly improved the cryptocurrency movement since developers need to write their own cryptography libraries.

The math to implement Bitcoin Web Wallet is easy in theory, but not so easy in practice. This is why the Open Source Bitcoin Web Wallet has few vulnerabilities and bugs caused by coding errors.

Despite this, cyberattacks are possible because many people are able to access the code. Open-source wallets may collect sensitive information and may store digital assets, so users should make sure they carefully examine them.

Web wallets, however, provide you with an interface that allows you to securely store your bitcoins. The bitcoin seller must have your wallet address, regardless of where you buy the bitcoins. An account with a trusted party is required in order to create a web address.

There are several advantages to using a web wallet:


You can conduct transactions using a web wallet from anywhere at any time. You can access your wallet over the internet whenever you want since it’s online.

Easily navigable

An advantage of web wallets is that they can be accessed in whatever way you choose, such as through a mobile app.

Exchange of various currencies

Several web wallets let you exchange currencies within the wallet – for instance, digital currencies such as Bitcoin can be exchanged for traditional currencies such as US dollars.

TOR network

The TOR network is often used by open-source bitcoin web wallets to increase security and anonymity.

It is ideal for active traders.

Traders who frequently switch between crypto exchanges will benefit from a web wallet.

The bottom line

A reputable company should always back your web wallet when choosing one. Additionally, ensure that your private keys are still accessible.

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