Nifty Tips That Can Help You Avoid Two-Wheeler Accidents

Unfortunately, road accidents frequently happen, especially to people who ride two-wheelers. Continue reading to learn ways to reduce this risk and keep yourself safe on the roads. And even before you ride your bike for the first time, get a bike policy to always stay protected.

You should be aware that driving a two-wheeler puts you at a higher risk of a traffic accident than driving a four-wheeler. It is because a two-wheeler is more exposed and smaller in size. Being a responsible rider is crucial for you and everyone else, including pedestrians, other drivers, or the pillion rider on your motorbike. Even though you can’t always control everything, you can take some safety measures to lessen the likelihood of a two-wheeler accident.

Lower your speed

Riding at a manageable and safe speed is the first step in lowering the risk on the road. If you travel more slowly, you will have more time to react to debris, other vehicles, bikes, or other potential hazards. You might not be able to see approaching turns if you are speeding, which could cause you to round a corner too quickly. Furthermore, if you are speeding, you might have to brake suddenly, which could throw you off balance and harm you or your bike. To mitigate unforeseen misfortune, get a bike policy and reclaim your peace of mind.


Stopping at crossroads

At intersections, it’s crucial to check behind you to make sure there isn’t any oncoming traffic or a vehicle. It is common for motorcycles to be involved in collisions at intersections, so paying attention to your surroundings and increasing your visibility is crucial. One method is to stop at the side and flash your lights.


Ride away from parked cars and moving traffic

It can be risky and should be avoided for several reasons. You could run into a car door if it opens suddenly. Additionally, a parked car could pull out in front of you and hit you. It’s also possible that a pedestrian will cross the street in front of you in this scenario, and you won’t be able to avoid hitting them. That’s why you should ensure your online bike insurance renewal happens promptly to stay protected.


Never drive while intoxicated

Riding under the influence of any substance, such as alcohol, is not only against the law but also extremely risky. When driving, you must always make sure you are aware and vigilant. By affecting your ability to ride, drugs and alcohol will impair your judgement and other cognitive functions, making you a danger to yourself and other drivers. As a result, this should never be done.

Some frequent circumstances in which people operating two-wheelers are involved in collisions are listed above. Ride with caution at all times because your safety is paramount.

And always keep your insurance updated. Find the right insurance with the coverage you need, use a bike insurance calculator to find the premium that works for you, and ensure that it never lapses and you’re good to ride!

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