What is the role of the tax lawyer? How to choose it?

You should see an expert if you are a business manager and you need to deal with tax concerns, such as modifying your company’s budget or arranging a transaction. This professional can also be of great assistance if you are a person with various sources of income that are difficult to disclose.

In order to receive the best guidance, selecting a Tax Lawyer would help out. Please be aware that not just any Master of the Bar may do this duty. Here are a few justifications for it.

A specialized lawyer is the tax lawyer

A tax consultant is another name for a tax lawyer. This title is protected by law since the holder has completed the second cycle of study, is a lawyer, and has professional experience in taxation that has been acknowledged by the legal association that grants him the accompanying diploma. Because of this, only a professional tax lawyer who holds this certificate may use the title.

Why does a lawyer focus on tax law?

Due to its complexity, taxation is a subject that requires extensive experience. A tax lawyer is frequently a former legal and tax advisor who is skilled at handling any legal or tax repercussions that a business can experience. Once specialized, a tax attorney assists businesses with guidance and support in the areas of tax, law, and litigation.  Selecting a Tax Lawyer is important when mergers, acquisitions, international expansion, various investments, and other financial agreements aid with the drafting of tax declarations and other papers, as well as legal oversight of changes to tax laws and regulations.

How should one pick a tax lawyer?

Knowing that a tax lawyer has a master’s in law and has done business courses with a tax option will help you in selecting a Tax Lawyer wisely. He has passed a professional exam before the bar in order to be qualified to practice as a tax consultant, and he holds a CAPA, or Certificate of Aptitude for the Profession of Lawyer. A professional with at least four years of experience is preferred when choosing a tax attorney. Geographic proximity is another factor that shouldn’t be ignored because the costs for this tax counsel are high, and if it’s far away, you’ll have to cover travel charges.

This final factor, however, shouldn’t be taken into account if your case is still important and can only be won with the help of a knowledgeable lawyer.

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